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I have been diagnosed with LUFS (Luteinized unruptured follicle syndrome), what is it and what is the treatment?

LUF syndrome is where all the hormonal changes associated with anovulation occur but the physical release of the egg from the follicle does not occur. This mean that the tests done to check for ovulation like progesterone and body temperature can be normal but because the egg is not released the end result is the same as for someone that are not ovulating. The diagnosis is by means of serial ultrasound checks where the doctor confirm that the follicle collapse after the expected day of ovulation. In cases of LUFS the follicle does not collapse and can sometimes form a simple cyst. The exact cause of LUFS is not always clear but it is associated with endometriosis, pelvic adhesions and the use of anti inflammatory medication. The treatment can be the use of HCG injections as first line and IVF can be considered if that is not successful.

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